In Isla Arena you will find small beaches and a long pier from where you can see fishing boats. You can rent a boat and in the surrounding waters to watch the pink flamingo in its natural state. The road to get to this place although a bit bumpy will allow you to appreciate the

Balam Kin

The State Natural Reserve of Balam Kin has been recently added to the Biosphere Reserve of Calakmul.  Its weather, soil and water streams allow the coexistence of different types of forest where some species as mahogany, cedar, logwood, bromeliads, grenadilla, black poisonwood and orchids grow. The roads in the reserve are only donkey trails opened

University Museum of Life and Ximbal Park

The University Museum of Life has interactive halls which themes are air, water, fire and earth where visitors receive explanations about the consequences of the human practices on the planet.  The museum has also an internal auditorium which is used for exhibitions, classes and projections with environmental subjects. The museum is part of Ximbal Recreational

Xpicob Artificil Reef

Xpicob Ecotourism Unit has an artificial reef made out of reef balls, this is a set of hollow spheric formations that ease the settlement of sessile organisms including sponge and coral.  This an rea of approximately 1.5 m x 8 m with a lot of biodiversity.

Bay of Campeche

The Bay of Campeche is located to the west of the Gulf of Campeche, on which shores the capital of the State, San Francisco de Campeche is located.  Its history tells that in the past these waters were traveled by all types of ships including the legendary pirate and corsair ships.  This bay is protected

Balam Ku

The natural area of Balam Kú is part of a natural biological corridor.  This is where the famous bat’s sanctuary is located.  The Natural Protected Area of Balam Ku is attached to the Calakmul Bisophere Reserve, and holds a group of Mayan buildings under the same name. It is the habitat for several species of

Balam Ka’ax

Balam Ka’ax (Jungle of the Jaguar) Ecotourism Project is located at the Candelaria River near the Termino’s Lagoon.  It is part of the Mesoamerican jungle and swaps system.  This campground offers nature tours and activities on the river and nearby jungle. Birdwatching is one of the activities offered by the center for those experts and

Cenote Miguel Colorado

Just an hour and forty-five minutes from the city of San Francisco de Campeche and an hour from the city of Champotón, near the town of Miguel Colorado. An intricate pathway winds its way through the fascinating landscape to the shore of this body of water -some 250 meters across- surrounded by rock walls more

El Remate

It is a beautiful crystal water spring.  This is the place where the species from the mangrove mix with those from the low forest in some sort of rings where small birds find shelter.  Its waters are transparent and cool. The depth of this surface water sink ranges from 1.5 through 4 meters.  The emerging


The word X’tacumbilxuna’an means “place of the hidden woman”. It was a sacred place for the Maya and according to local legend, it refers to a young woman named Lol-Be (flower path), daughter of Timót who decides to hide in the caves to separate her from her beloved Dzulin who finally finds her. However, due to a