“El Palacio” Cultural Center

The unique educational and cultural museography of this venue offers an interesting an insight into the past though its interactive technology. The journey starts with a painting of the old market, which leads to the Fortifications Hall. The models and projections here use video mapping technology to transport the viewer back through the arteries of

Victoriano Nievez Cespedes Museum

It is located in the old hospital of the same name.  It has a permanent collection divided in five modules to show pieces from the pre-Columbian times, Carmen Island, hills, rivers and sea.  There’s a module about pirates and a hall for photo, paintings and sculpture exhibitions.  Also, there’s an area for children’s games and

Campeche’s Old Lighthouse

The most elegant lighthouse of Campeche is located on one of the towers of the Ex temple of San Jose.  The lighthouse was manufactured in England and installed in 1864 representing the first mark of this kind on our coasts.  Its elegance stands out when the glassy ceramics tiled façade of the ex temple of

Champoton Lighthouse

If you want to enjoy and taste the typical food, you should not miss a visit to the Champoton lighthouse since, at it is well known, is located in the capital of good taste.  Visit the lighthouse and taste a good fish, cocktail or seafood salad.  You will enjoy it.

Isla Aguada Lighthouse

The isla Aguada Lighthouse is located in the Laguna de Terminos Flora and Fauna Protection Area.  When you make a visit from Isla Aguada to Isla de Pajaros by boat it will be, for sure, an enjoyable experience accompanied by dolphins.  These mammals are very friendly and live in this natural sanctuary. Next to the

La Atalaya Lighthouse

It is located at the mouth of La Caleta creek, and it’s used as a marker to the most important industrial oil port in Mexico: Laguna Azul in Ciudad del Carmen. From this point, the visitor can observe the port activities performed here, as well as some shore birds typical of the area. Although it

Lerma Lighthouse

This lighthouse offers an incredible view to the Bay of Campeche and for many years it witnessed the construction of many shrimp boats which were exported to all of the world, since Campeche was considered the most important shipyards in the Gulf of Mexico at the time.  On the way to this beautiful lighthouse you

Xicalango Lighthouse

The need for effective signaling in the port of Ciudad del Carmen due to the increment on maritime activity made possible to lit up for the first time the Xicalango Lighthouse on September 6th, 1886.  This 29-meter-high structure helped sailors, merchants and fishermen of that time – and modern times – to travel safely on

“El Morro” Lighthouse

On one of the most beautiful landscapes of the coast of Campeche, only a few kilometers away from the State capital, lies one of the most representative buildings of the historical community of Seybaplaya: El Morro Lighthouse.  Sitting on the hill of the same name where several caves are found and the sea breaks on

Lighthouse at Isla Arena

This lighthouse is part of an important project to restore and integrate to the community the lighthouses along the coast of Campeche.  In the case of Isla Arena’s lighthouse, it has been equipped with a museum dedicated to Pedro Infante, the most important singer and actor of the Mexican movies golden age. The museum shows