Campeche has been a World Heritage Site since 1999 thanks to the precious historical heritage safe from the attacks of the pirates, the bastions, doorways, access gates and walls were erected from 1686 to 1704 to protect the inhabitants. , Today these old lookouts are waiting for you with their doors open to enjoy museums


“Casa 6” Cultural Center

This interesting building dates back to the eighteenth century when it was built. It originally stretched to the corner of Calle Hidalgo and Calle del Comercio, and continued along Calle del Comercio (now Calle 57 X 10), until this century when the property was divided, and the houses we can now see on the corner

Land Gate

The Land Gate is a military construction that was designed to defend access by land to the city from any angle. The wall is surrounded by a moat and has embrasures from which weapons were fired. It has adjoining rooms which were occupied by the chief of the watch and the troops on duty. Atop

Sea Gate

It was the first access built to the walled city and also de first demolished by the end of the nineteenth century.  During two centuries it was the entrance and exit to those using the only mean of transport for those days: sail boats.  It lacked of a moat and ravellin, it had instead a

Fort San Miguel

Covering an area of 3,858 square meters, the fort was built on “Buena Vista” hill in the lee of the city towards the end of the eighteenth century when England, having occupied Florida and what is now Belize, aroused fears that it sought to occupy peninsular lands. The attack never happened; nevertheless, it was put

Fort San José

Carved into the stone that sits above the entry way is the inscription “August 9, 1792”, which is the date construction was completed. The fort was built on Barlovento hill, complete with moat, drawbridge and well in its center, and is noted for its parapet and stepped ramp which leads us to the upper part.

San Matias Battery

The protection wall of this battery was reconstructed on its original foundations.  It was part of the windward fortification and part of the new set of fortifications completed on 1792 to reinforce Campeche.

San Luis Battery

It was built at the foot of Fort San Miguel, at the leeward coasts during the last third of the eighteenth century.  The construction is perfectly preserved unlike some other which have disappeared with the time.  It’s a rectangular plan and surrounded by a moat, two hanging watchtowers overlooking the sea.  It is currently guarded

San Lucas Battery

This battery defended, along with San Matias Battery, the possible landing to the windward area of the coast.  It is located at the foot of Fort San Jose and still preserves the access ramp to the upper side of this solid structure.  During high tides, this structure used to be surrounded by the sea.

Bulwark of Santiago

This bulwark was the last of the eight to be completed, its present form differs greatly from the original which was similar to that of San Carlos, at the top of its entry it now reads 1704, although not precisely corresponding to the date of the conclusion of the whole walled enclosure; this was concluded