Natural Areas

Forests, mangroves, pristine beaches and wildlife. Natural protection.

40% of the State's territory has been declared a Protected Natural Area and it has 2 Biosphere Reserves. Nature in Campeche is wild and there are still unspoiled places waiting for you to discover them.

Natural Areas

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Calakmul Biosphere Reserve

Calakmul is a spectacular natural setting in over 700,000 hectares, making it the second largest protected area in Mexico. The landscapes...

Laguna de Términos

The Laguna de Términos, declared a protected area of flora and fauna, is the nation's largest estuary, with an area...

Petenes Biosphere Reserve

Emerging in the tertiary and quaternary periods, the Petenes Biosphere Reserve forms a corridor of coastal wetlands of nearly 300,000...

Ría Celestún

Sharing territory of the states of Yucatan and Campeche, this Biosphere Reserve is a huge 600 km2 estuary. Its main...

Balam Kin

The Balam Kin Reserve is a mosaic of natural landscapes as pure as they are fragile. Its climate, soil and...

Balam Kú

The natural area Balam Kú is a natural biological corridor, bordering the forests of the north and south, and the...

Arrecife Artificial Xpicob

La Unidad de Ecoturismo Xpicob cuenta con un arrecife artificial hecho con reef balls, es decir, formaciones esféricas huecas, que...

Bahía de Campeche

La Bahía de Campeche se encuentra ubicada al poniente del Golfo de Campeche y en cuya costa se encuentra la...

Balam- Ka´ax

El proyecto ecoturístico Balam Ka-Ax (Selva del Jaguar) se encuentra ubicado en el Río Candelaria, cerca de la Laguna de...

Cenote Miguel Colorado

Se localiza a sólo una hora y cuarenta y cinco minutos de la ciudad de San Francisco de Campeche y...

El Remate

Es un ojo de agua de incomparable belleza. Aquí se mezclan especies propias del manglar con la de selva baja...

Caves of X'Tacumbilxuna'An

X'Tacumbilxuna'An means “place of the hidden girl”. It was a sacred place for the Mayan and, according to the local legend,...

Isla Arena

Isla Arena se encuentra ubicada en el municipio de Calkiní. Es un espacio donde se puede estar en contacto con...

Candelaria River

It is 402 kilometers long and is the largest river in Campeche. It is characterized by its large number of...

Champotón River

It runs for 47 kilometers, 35 of which are navigable, from Canasayab to its mouth in the Gulf of Mexico...

Palizada River

Starting as a tributary from the Usumacinta River, it runs for 120 kilometers to its mouth in the Laguna de...

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