Mayan Archaeology

Discover the sites of a unique civilization in the year of the New Age

Calakmul, a World Heritage Site since 2002 and Edzná, the house of the wise water men, are the two most important icons of Mayan archaeology to see in Campeche. There's more, don't miss the heritage of the Mayan culture on your visit to the State.

Mayan Archaeology

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Located in the center of the Biosphere Reserve of the same name, the 6,000 structures that make up the ruins...


The archaeological site of Edzna has been known to local people since time immemorial. Even though the political head of...


The name Balamkú comes from Yucatec Maya, meaning “Jaguar’s Temple”, it was given to the site due to the feline...


In Mayan, its name means “Ravine formed by water”, probably due to the dry moat that surrounds the main architectural...


Chicanná means “House of the Serpent Mouth” in Mayan, possibly a reference to the enormous figurehead of the central façade...


In the Mayan language, its name means “Painted Vault”. It is a sample of the Chenes style that had its...

El Tigre

El Tigre, also known as Itzamkánac, was the capital of the Mayan chiefdom of Acalán which, according to sources from...


Hochob is a Mayan word meaning “place of the corn stalks”. It is an archaeological zone where both the Puuc...


The origin of the name Kankí comes from a wild shrub which produces small yellow flowers. It is located in...

Río Bec

Its name means “River of Oaks”. It is located in the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve. The first building of the area...

Santa Rosa Xtampak

Built on a natural elevation with a flattened and divided summit, it covers an approximate area of 9 square kilometers....


Its name is due to the fact that the owner of the nearby ranch was from Tabasco. Located 130 kilometers...

Toh Cok

A small site from the Classic Mayan era protected by the local town of Tahcok, part of Hopelchén, which is...


Its name means “fertile soil exposed to the Sun”. The settlement was established on a valley in the Classic period,...


Its name comes from a wild plant known by its shape as the “Cat’s tail”. The site is located in...

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