Bastions and ramparts

Impregnable fortresses. Pirate stories, conquests and more

San Francisco de Campeche is a World Heritage City, mostly thanks to the precious rampart built to protect it from pirate attacks. Today the magnificent ramparts and watchtowers are museums and spaces for meetings and culture.

Bastions and ramparts

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Fort of San José

On the upper part of the entrance the date "August 9, 1792" is inscribed, referring to the date it was...

Fort of San Miguel

Situated on the "Buena Vista" hill, leeward of the city, covering an area of 3,858 meters square. It was built...

Bastion of Solitude

Its name comes from Our Lady of Solitude, the patron saint of sailors. It is the largest bastion of all....

Bastion of San Carlos

With the construction of this bastion, the city's walled enclosure began. Its name is in honor of Carlos II. Its...

Bastion of San Francisco

Situated beside the Bastion of Solitude, this bastion was larger at 1,342 square meters. Its name pleased the Franciscans, as...

Bastion of San Juan

Sculpted in the stone on its upper part is the "St. Ivan" insignia, demonstrating their dedication to San Juan de...

Bastion of San Pedro

This bastion pleased the papacy to be named after the initiator of the Catholic religion. On the upper part of...

Bastion of Santa Rosa

It was the first to be built of the eight bastions surrounding the villa. Its name comes from the sacred...

Bastion of Santiago

This bastion was the last of the eight to be built. Its form today is quite different from the original,...

Battery of San Lucas

On the foundations of this battery, the rampart that surrounds it was rebuilt. It was part of the windward fortification...

Battery of San Luis

It was built at the foot of the fort of San Miguel on the lee shores in the last third...

Battery of San Matías

Along with the battery of San Lucas, it defended against windward landings, located on the coast at the foot of...

Puerta de Mar

Fue el primero de los accesos construidos y el primero también en ser demolido a finales del siglo XIX. Durante...

Puerta de Tierra

The Puerta de Tierra is a construction that allowed defence of the city's entrance from any angle. Its wall is...

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