Ships, weapons, tradition, art and culture of every era.

Stelae and other pieces of Mayan art, pirate ship wrecks and Spanish galleon reproductions. From life in prehistoric times to the art of today. A story for children and adults.


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Cultural Center House no. 6

Cultural Center House no. 6 is a reconstruction of a typical house of the upper classes of Campeche in the...

El Palacio, Centro Cultural

La creación de las salas que conforman a El Palacio, Centro Cultural parte de la propuesta de un proyecto integral...


Integrado al Faro de Isla Arena, en el Municipio de Calkiní, el Museo a Pedro Infante es parte del programa...

Camino Real Anthropological Museum

An old house in downtown Hecelchakán, consisting of five rooms that exhibit the famous figurines from Jaina Island. In room...

Museum of Mayan Culture

In this museum, located inside the Fort of San Miguel, art pieces from different Mayan archaeological sites in the state...

Museum of Mayan Architecture

The Bastion of Our Lady of Solitude currently serves as the Museum of Mayan Stelae and exhibits an important collection...

Museum of Ships and Weapons

The old rooms occupied by soldiers and guards of the Fort of San José, today house an interesting collection of...

Museum of Calakmul

The museum has four areas covering topics ranging from the geology of the area and the creation of its extraordinary...


El Museo Universitario de la Vida (MUVI) cuenta con salas interactivas del aire, agua, fuego y tierra donde los visitantes...

Victoriano Nieves Céspedes Museum

In 1950 it was decided to create a museum in Ciudad del Carmen, so the local authorities asked the Carmelites...

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  • The Place of sun, light and sound

    The Place of sun, light and sound


    At 20:00

    + info
  • Vive la leyenda

    Vive la leyenda


    Sábado y Domingo 20:00 hrs

    + info
  • The light of the Itzá. Light and sound

    The light of the Itzá. Light and sound


    19:00 winter y 20:00 in summer

    + info
  • Nature and Archeology Museum

    Nature and Archeology Museum


    From 8:00 to 16:00

    + info

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