Museum to Pedro Infante

This museum is integrated to the lighthouse at Isla Arena in the municipality of Calkini.  The Museum to Pedro Infante is part of the program Route of Lighthouses implemented by Integral Ports Administration.  This museum shows objects donated by his relatives which used to belong to the Idol of Mexico.  It has a videotec where

Lighthouse at Isla Arena

This lighthouse is part of an important project to restore and integrate to the community the lighthouses along the coast of Campeche.  In the case of Isla Arena’s lighthouse, it has been equipped with a museum dedicated to Pedro Infante, the most important singer and actor of the Mexican movies golden age. The museum shows

San Luis Carpizo Hacienda

This also belonged to Don José María Carpizo; it was used for agricultural production and it had an area of 200 ha. It is in perfect condition since it was restored by the Navy of Mexico to accommodate the School of the Marine Infantry since 1999. We can say that the state of conservation is

Santa Cruz Hacienda

The first data about its existence date from the second half on the 18th century, by then it was registered as a cattle farm.  There’s no more data about it until the end of the 19th century when it belongs to Don Sixto García who makes of it a great sisal producer, and also planting

Tankuche Hacienda

It is a French style building simulating a medieval construction.  By the mid-19th century it was a plantation dedicated to the exploitation of logwood, which by the end of that century, with the boom of the sisal industry, switched to this activity which turned into the base of the economy of the whole Peninsula.  Peon

San Luis Obispo

The temple of San Luis Obispo is a religious building which edification began on 1548 under the supervision of Friar Luis de Villalpando, who was later transferred to Conkal, Yucatan; the temple was named after him by the parishioners. In the beginning, it was a simple chapel, which called the attention of Friar Antonio from

El Remate

It is a beautiful crystal water spring.  This is the place where the species from the mangrove mix with those from the low forest in some sort of rings where small birds find shelter.  Its waters are transparent and cool. The depth of this surface water sink ranges from 1.5 through 4 meters.  The emerging

Isla Arena

Isla Arena is located in the municipality of Calkini.  It is an area where the visitor can be in contact with the exuberating nature of the Biosphere Reserve of Celestun.  Colonies of the famous pink flamencos can be observed, as well as a wide variety of sea birds such as cormorans, frigates and pelicans. If

Ria Celestun

This reserve shares the territories of Yucatan and Campeche.  It is an enormous estuary of 600 km2, which symbol and main natural value is being one of the most important shelters for pink flamingoes, which color is particularly intense here due to the high concentration of carotene in the water.  An important colony of hundredths